What You Need to Know About SWL

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What You Need to Know About SWL Empty What You Need to Know About SWL

Post by Bailey Williams on Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:33 pm

1.)  Okay first and foremost what is SWL?  

-SWL which stands for Stink Wrestling League and RPing Wrestling E-Fed. The idea of combining wrestling with the use of Stink kinks, like Burping, Bad Breath, BO, Musk, Feet, Farts etc. Creating Fun and interesting storylines.

2.)  Does SWL have shows?

-Yes it is to have a show, on for whenever they can happen. There will be no real schedule. Just coming out whenever they can.. Having a rather relaxing environment, and so everyone has a chance to get their rps in before the next show.

3.)  What type of characters and storyline do SWL feature?

-SWL will be diverse, from serious to the outright absurd, any character or storyline is welcome. Even characters that are normal and not based on Stink.

4.)  Can I join SWL?

-Yes, but I am strict about age. This is an 18+ Forum, You must be 18 or older to join. Anyone caught with being under will be banned immediately.

5.)  I am not a good RPer and English is not my first language.

-Worry not, here in SWL I do not discriminate, as long as you want to RP and are willing to learn to do so, I shall gladly accept you into the roster and help you develop your RP skills and your grammar.

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