Settling the Inter-species/furry division

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Settling the Inter-species/furry division Empty Settling the Inter-species/furry division

Post by Jacob Keyes on Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:44 pm

(OOC: Potentially it looks like I may have a couple more users, that prefer to play with furry/other species characters that may be joining, so this is for them.)

The scene opens with the camera zooming and looking around the luxuries office of Jacob Keyes, as he has his desk there right in centre. Not only that but his very own lounge area and big Flat Screen TV can be seen. And just to the left of the camera, the man himself can be seen in his snazzy purple 3 piece suit, standing by his coffee machine making himself a Latte. He takes a small glance over his shoulder realising that the camera was right there looking at him. He would soon turn his whole body around facing the camera with his very own special black Mug that says "Hot! Like I have my breath!" Smiling to the camera as he is about to speak.

Jacob Keyes: So your probably wondering why I asked for a camera here, right at my very own Office. Giving everyone a glimpse of my very own luxurious desk, truly something worth being proud off. Best of all this room right now that your seeing, is just only the start of it.

Saying gesturing his hand around the room, as some other doors can be seen one, in particular named "Keyes' Special Secret Room." He would soon, make his way to his desk putting his coffee down in front of him. Sitting down on his black leather desk chair making himself very relaxed.

Jacob Keyes: But I didn't bring the camera here to gloat about my stuff. I asked, for I have some important business to talk about. As it sure seems there is a recent influx of wrestlers that aren't human, entering the fray in SWL. A lot of wrestlers of different species and furries making their presents known in our company, and it's only fair to make them feel at home and wanted to stick around. Now while a lot don't seem to mind to be mixing it up with the humans. Others wish to just stick with wrestling mostly their own kind, other species and furries. Which is completely fine.

Finishing his sentence taking a swig of his warm latte.

Jacob Keyes: Which gave me the idea, that in the future of SWL we will be having separate divisions for all different kinds of styles and types of wrestlers. So that means, that officially I will be opening up an Inter-species Division, a unique division for those that just wish to fight in that division with no need to mix it around with other human wrestlers if they wish to not do so.... But with opening this Division, it would only seem fair that I would introduce something special for them to want to fight for...

As he says that, he would soon pull something out of his desk, placing it on top alongside his coffee.. But it doesn't seem like much at the moment, what could look to be a Championship belt that was covered in a black cloth, covering up what it looks like entirely.

Jacob Keyes: What you see here, and what you could be thinking of what it could be, is absolutely true. It is a Championship belt! Special belt that can be fought within this Inter-species Divison. It shall be called the SWL Inter-species Championship! Yep that is right! Alongside the Main Event Championship of this company the SWL World Heavyweight Championship, we will be have our very own Midcard Championship, a Divison specific championship. True help prove and find our very best wrestler with in the Inter-species Divison. Now all that is needed now, is to find some people interested in fighting for it, which is why this video is being broadcaster throughout this entire arena. So any wrestler of a different species or furry and listen and see this. Hoping to grab their attention, And all they need to do to enter in for the running to fight for this Championship is... to simply just knock on my office door, walk in and claim their spot. It is that simple...

Jacob Keyes: So, for now I shall just be sitting here, on my desk. Drinking my nice warm latte and wait and see who will be interested. I'll be waiting.

Making his final message being heard, Sitting back and relax. Wait and see who will be making their presence known in his office.

Jacob Keyes

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