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On-air Staff of SWL Empty On-air Staff of SWL

Post by Bailey Williams on Sun Sep 01, 2019 1:52 pm

All the on-air staff of SWL can be used for RPs except the the General manager Jake Keyes which can only be RPed by admin.

General Manager Jacob Keyes (Heel) - A pure Sleaze ball of a GM, got enough money to buy himself anything he wants, he has the power to do what he wishes, known for having such terrible breath! And isn't afraid to use it on anyone he thinks he can get away with.

In-Ring Announcer: Lacey Lane (Face) - She's a pretty and charming announcer, perfect for the Job.

Commentator: Jack Jackson (Face) - SWL's play-by-play commentator.

Colour Commentator: Bobby Biggles (Heel) - He's a jackass on the announce table and loves to insult faces.

Backstage Interviewer: Alice Momota - The half-Asian backstage interviewer, does her best to not take sides, be pure and nice and stay out of trouble.

Trainer: Lumus Lopez (Face) - Always here to help, need a sparing partner? he's your man.

Doctor: Dr. Dorothy Ho Thema (Face) - The miracle doctor of SWL, she will treat anyone and everyone who is injured.. May have a bit of a interesting side to her, if you catch her after hours.

Referee: Sammy McSpeedy (Face) - Speed like Lightning!

Referee: Long Jon (Heel) - Counts generally slow.... But can could fast, as wanted... if paid with the right price...

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